Ruggeri Case Intelligence Analysis

Ruggeri Case Intelligence Analysis -


The services of Ruggeri Case Intelligence Analysis expands beyond the typical intelligence analyst. We have expertise in phone data and financial analysis.

What we can do for you:

  • Organize case and documents
  • Document examination
  • Advise what information may be missing in public record research
  • Analyze and assess information determining intelligence gaps
  • Compile information into a comprehensive format
  • Visually present the case, which is critical in jury trials
  • Make recommendations based on data findings
  • Customize output per needs of case/investigation

When you and your client need us:

  • You have large amounts of data that needs to be presented to a jury in a clear and concise format.
  • Your case needs the utmost attention to detail to bring forth all pertinent information.
  • You need assistance in identifying the pertinent facts to form and test hypotheses.
  • Your information needs to be put into a format set at the audience’s intelligence level for easy understanding.
  • Your investigation includes phone data that needs to be analyzed and presented.
  • Your investigation includes financial data that needs to be organized, analyzed and presented.
  • Your case would benefit from review and analysis by a retired law enforcement officer.
  • Your case is high profile and needs expert analysis.



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