Ruggeri Case Intelligence Analysis

Ruggeri Case Intelligence Analysis -


Founder, Lisa Ruggeri

Lisa has 20 years of law enforcement experience as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst and 10 years in the US Air Force.

Lisa has worked just about every type of investigation with law enforcement, to include: armed robberies, biker gangs, burglaries, chop shops, conspiracies, death threats, embezzlements, escort/prostitution, fraud, fugitives, gambling, homicides, internet crimes against children, missing persons, money laundering, narcotics, organized crime, prison gangs, police internal investigations, serial homicides, serial rapists, sex crimes, street gangs, theft rings, terrorism, threats, undercover operations…

Lisa has been an instructor, both with in the military, law enforcement, at the community college level and university level.

Lisa has received numerous honors and awards over the span of her military and law enforcement career.

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