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into understanding and presenting a case/investigation.

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Ruggeri Case Intelligence Analysis

Our mission is to provide quality and detailed intelligence analysis for our clients on their cases/investigations for optimal outcome.

We work directly with trial attorneys on their cases to assist their clients for the best representation.

It is Ruggeri Case Intelligence Analysis belief that each and every case will benefit from the analysis process. If you have a case heading to trial, let us help.


Intelligence analysis has been utilized within the US military since the Revolutionary War. Saddam Hussein was captured by the diligent work of two Army intelligence analysts; the analysis was forwarded to Special Forces who captured him during a mission which utilized the intelligence on his exact location.


Law enforcement hired the first intelligence analyst back in the 1950’s to assist in combating traditional organized crime.

This career field has grown tremendously within law enforcement over the years but mostly since the tragic events of 9/11. The FBI alone hired over 500 intelligence analysts.


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